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Teenage Girls

When a girl starts her period

Is that you? Now what?

The great thing is that times have changed, and the products available today are designed to make you as comfortable as humanly possible during your period.

The most important thing I can tell you this that having your period isn’t that bad – it’s actually rather awesome. I know you’re probably thinking, “Awesome? Are you freaking MAD?”

But it’s true. You see, getting your period means you are healthy. It shows you that your body is functioning like it should, in a healthy rhythmical cycle.

What is important when you bleed?

  1. To feel comfortable
  2. To have sanitary products that don’t leak
  3. To feel confident about your body
  4. To have sanitary products that you can easily change at school or while out
  5. To be able to carry on with your normal sporting activities

That’s why all the products on Butterfly Wings make sure you can carry on living your life confidently, without fear of having a blood stain on your school dress.

I was a girl once. I know what it feels like. I can promise you I haven’t always loved my period. But the minute I learnt what it could teach me about my body and used products that made me feel comfortable and confident, that all changed. And it can change for you too.

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