Endometriosis, PMS, PCOS

The hormonal contraceptive is an endocrine disruptor, which means it disrupts your endocrine system. Therefore your symptoms might be alleviated but the problem and the imbalance is not fixed. Oral contraceptives are often the treatment of choice for regulating menstrual cycle irregularities of women. However, recent research reveals that oral contraceptives have been shown to aggravate insulin resistance and other abnormal metabolic processes with long-term health consequences, especially in women with known insulin resistance and predisposition to type two diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Contemporary pharmaceutical solutions to menstrual cycle concerns involve suppressing menstruation altogether. This approach can result in reproductive and other health problems because it doesn’t recognise the vital role our menstrual cycle plays in our overall health.

Regular menstruation and ovulation for as long as possible goes a long way towards ensuring strong bones, healthy breasts, a healthy heart, sharp mind, healthy sex drive, and robust health in mid-life and well into old age. Even if a woman chooses not to have children, she will still want healthy menstrual cycles for the sake of her whole body health.