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I am such a different practitioner to all the other doctors, homeopaths, fertility specialists, you name it. I bet you have been to see them. When a woman or a couple comes to me, I am usually their last resort. Along this frustrating journey no one has told you: What...

Would you give the pill to your daughter if you knew it could kill her?

Would you give the pill / the Mirena / the injection to your daughter if you knew: It would significantly increase her risk of developing an autoimmune disease? It would significantly increase her risk of developing depression? Her future of having kids could be...

Knowing your body

I had my last period two years and two months ago. You see, I had a baby 17 months ago and have breastfed, co-slept, not given my boy a dummy (and followed all the guidelines for exclusive breastfeeding) and it’s take me 17 months to get a period again. However, what...

Period Panties review

Having tried them myself, I'm excited to give you a review of the Bakgat Period Panties. My verdict: truly comfortable! Let me tell you a bit more about the panties. There are three different types: Heavy flow (which can absorb 45ml of blood – that’s a lot of blood!)...

Pregnancy is like running a half marathon every single day

Yesterday I ran around our estate for three hours, at times with a toddler on one hip, and other times pushing my toddler in our running pram and my three and a half year-old daughter on her bike as she gains confidence riding by herself. I may be a sponsored mountain...

The heartbreak of a miscarriage

2018 has been full of babies for my practice. For so many women who have been struggling to fall pregnant, this has been their year of positive pregnancy tests and ecstatic phone calls. But as happy as that has been, I have also supported several women through miscarriages. It’s that dreaded message or call I get at around eight weeks and one I hate because of the heartache I can feel from the woman who has lost her baby.

Do you know what your birth control options are?

A friend emailed me Fitbit’s latest newsletter last week on predicting cycles for better life planning. Fitbit’s prediction algorithm helps you estimate your next period, fertile window and ovulation date. I have to say that the modern woman has so many wonderful tools at her fingertips that help her take control of her fertility. With so many apps to choose from, and products like the Daysy thermometer, gone are the days when we felt like we only had one option of birth control.

The truth about hormonal contraception

Hormonal contraception includes: the pill, the patch, the Mirena and the injection. They are all the same thing just with different amounts of synthetic hormones and transferred in different ways. The reason hormonal contraception works so well is because it stops...

Myths about falling pregnant

There is so much information on the internet these days, some true, some complete nonsense. If you have ever heard any of the below statements, they are all myths: Lying on your back with your hips elevated for 20 minutes after sex will help you conceive. If you...

Natural birth control 101: what is fertility awareness?

Before I explain the menstrual cycle and how fertility awareness works in a little more detail, there are a couple of facts you need to know: A normal cycle is anywhere between 24 – 60 days long. There are parameters within a cycle that make up a healthy cycle and the...

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