Twenty two months it has been since I had a period. I had a baby 13 months ago and this can be quite normal for a women breastfeeding, co-sleeping, you name it I did it to make sure my baby got all the nutrients possible.

So 13 months with no period but when my fertility was starting to come back, my hormones were changing and finding their natural rhythm I could tell. I was so aware of my body changes that I said to my husband on the Monday: “Love, watch this my period will start on Friday or Saturday this week. Maybe sooner as a post-partum post ovulatory phase can be shorter the first couple of cycles as the body really establishes its healthy parameters.” Well guess what Thursday evening who said Hello? Aunt Flow

My menstruation had come back and I was so excited. But what this phase of no period has taught me is that my experience with charting my menstrual cycle (as a contraceptive method) for 2 years when we weren’t ready to fall pregnant, and the when we wanted to start a family to use it to help us conceive was that charting provided all the information a women needs to know about her body.  I always knew the power of charting as I had gained a greater awareness for my body than any women I know. I always knew when my period was going to come, I knew when I could do everything, I could be super women because my estogen allowed me to Go-Go-Go but I also knew when I had to take it easy. My body said STOP-CHILL! Throughout the 13 months of not having a period I could feel episodes of fertility coming back and I would start charting but then it got boring, nothing happened so I stopped. Then again there was a change – so for more than a year I knew where I was. When the big change came it was like my body was dancing on an all-time high as the estorgen pumped through my system and it was awesome!!!.

So the power of charting is incredible. You always know when your period is coming, you listen to the roller coaster ride of the different hormones at play in your body and you get onto the ride and enjoy it! No more guessing just pure science.