Not something to worry about only when trying to fall pregnant!

It doesn’t matter how old you are whether you want kids now or later – your fertility is important! If a women cannot fall pregnant it is the sign that something in her body, her life or her environment needs to change. Fertility clinics have popped up everywhere – there seems to be more of these then gyms. Many of your friends may have gone the IVF route as couple after couple seems to be battling to fall pregnant.

So what changed in the last 20 years that has resulted in us looking to the medical profession to make a family?

  1. Diet: is the first and most important. So many people think they are eating well, eating healthy and you really are making a conscious effort but so often what you think is healthy is not really. The problem comes in where major companies are doing a great job in their advertising they convince the consumer into believing that there products are good for us, they are healthy but so often they are laden with sugar, gluten, preservatives and chemicals. Our diet is making us sick! It’s preventing us from getting a proper nutrition and one of the many problems resulting in infertility.
  2. The use of hormonal contraceptives: The use of any form of hormonal contraceptive (the pill, the mirena, the injection, the patch) for any amount of time affects your fertility for a period of time. Years of being on hormonal contraception can affect your ability to conceive.
  3. Stress: We live in such a high paced society and stress is killing us. We have work stress, financial stress, emotional stress, family stress, social stress  – your body is falling apart too much stress your body just doesn’t’ know how to cope anymore.
  4. Toxins: We are very unaware of the amount of toxins in our body, in our homes, at work and in our environment. From the sanitary products you use every month that are loaded with dangerous chemicals to the plastic bottle you may be drinking out of right now and the plastic Tupper wear you are using to carry your lunch to work.  The neurofen you are using to combat the period pain (which is a sign that your body is actually screaming HELP).

The above 4 reasons are just the beginning answers to why there are so many fertility clinics around today. However, before you go rushing off and putting you and your husband into financial debt for IVF these are all things you have complete control over ad will change your life.

So whether you are wanting children in the future or now these are things you have the power to control right now- don’t wait till when you want to fall pregnant because some of these things take years to rectify while your body achieves balance again.