Some women fall pregnant without even batting an eyelid, others plan it to the tea and others try for years. We are all on our own journey and what’s difficult for some come naturally to others. That’s why whether you are the in the group of planning to a tea or battling to fall pregnant charting your cycle is one of the most effective, eye opening, life changing things you can do.

Firstly, something most women do not know is that if you are even considering falling pregnant you should be off all hormonal contraception for at least:

  • 1 whole year or
  • three HEALTHY menstrual cycles – whichever comes first.

The reason being is the synthetic hormones in hormonal contraceptives could have a potential effect on your developing fetuses reproductive system. Yes that’s true, the hormones you take could affect your baby’s chances of conceiving later on in it’s life. So many women do not know this and it’s such important information they often are not given.

For those women trying to fall pregnant – you need to understand if you are not falling pregnant there is a reason for it. As women, we are designed to fall pregnant and if we can’t it is our body SCREAMING at us saying PLEASE HELP ME! So many women want the quick fix, the drugs, the answers but they do not realize that there is a lot that they can do before they even start laying the thousands of Rands down doing test after test after test. .

If you are one of the many woman:

  • Considering falling pregnant and you want to be educated about your body
  • You are one of the many battling month in and month out, frustrated with your body and yourself you need to understand that there are many factors that are at play and all contribute to this amazing journey.

It is about looking at your current life and seeing what is not currently working for you physiologically, emotionally and in your relationship.

These 3 points (physiological, emotionally and relationship) all have many factors that make them up. Have you ever considered that within the physiological group the following can affect you and your partner’s fertility:

  • What you eat
  • What you drink
  • What supplements you are taking, if any
  • What your menstrual cycle is ACTUALLY doing
  • When you ovulate
  • If you are producing mucus
  • How long the phase from ovulation to your next period is.
  • Are you ovulating and producing mucus at the same time
  • Have you got too much estrogen in your body

So many aspects to consider and you can address all of this and so much more when charting your cycle……the price……learning your body, understanding why you are not falling pregnant, ability to take control of the problem and finding a solution the end productt education and the ability to grow as a women, a couple and into future parents.

The emotional component of falling pregnant is also so important and often neglected. You need to be in the right head space, where there are no obstacles that are unconsciously preventing you from moving forward and in a place that there is actually a want to have a baby. So many of us forget how important the emotional component of falling pregnant is.Our emotions have a very powerful effect over our body.

Finally the relationship component. Our relationship and wanting to have sex because we love our partner and not just because we want a baby. Bringing the love, fun and excitement back into sex and the bedroom is so often the key to building on the relationship and making your 2 into a 3.

So if you are thinking of falling pregnant or you are battling. Remember you have the ability to find the answers and take control.