Women are happy to shop around for shoes or for the perfect set of curtains to match their lounge, but when it comes to shopping around for medical and holistic health practitioners we will gladly accept the ideas, training and practice methods of one doctor. Why do we spend so much time on such superficial aspects of our life, yet put our lives in the hands of one medical practitioner?

I am a member of very different Facebook groups and my knowledge spans methods to avoid pregnancy right through to reproductive health problems such as PCOS and endometriosis. What flabbergasts me is that women will post about how desperate they are to get better, how awful the latest trend of birth control methods is, or question why they are not falling pregnant, but many of these women will only try one method of medical treatment and put all their trust into one field of practice.

Natural methods have been around for centuries – it was only when the paternalistic society decided there was no place for women healers anymore and that going to university made you an expert in the field that they fell out of practice. As a society, we are oblivious as to how the medical system came into being. It was women healers who had all the knowledge handed down generation to generation that formed the basis of our medical knowledge initially.

So my point here is: if you are not happy with the doctor you have seen or the advice they have come up with, start looking for alternative options. Remember that there are two approaches to getting healthy: the medical model and the holistic model. Both have a place in our world – be open to ideas and you might just find the answer you are looking for.