Would you give the pill / the Mirena / the injection to your daughter if you knew:

  • It would significantly increase her risk of developing an autoimmune disease?
  • It would significantly increase her risk of developing depression?
  • Her future of having kids could be affected?
  • It could kill her?

I think I can honestly say that close to 80% of the women who I work with have been on hormonal contraception at some point in their lives. The majority of their reasons: for acne.
Here’s a big question: as a mom, would you let your daughter take hormonal contraception to improve her skin if it came with the risk of her dying? Scary thought, right? But it’s the truth.

I remember being on the pill and thinking, “But it’s just the pill. Everyone is on it. Doctors prescribe it for everything.’”

The scary thing is they feel the pill is the miracle cure for just about everything… including heartbreak. But this tiny little pill (that you’re most likely on yourself), is most probably affecting you in more ways than you know.

If you’re considering giving it to your teenage daughter to improve her skin, get her menstrual cycle regular or just to deal with her moods, please pause and consider this. There are so many other ways of doing this.

Rather educate her about her body, give her the tools to make good, conscious decisions about what she eats, and work with her for optimal health – and the result will be beautiful skin, regular menstrual cycles and a confident and empowered young woman.

Don’t fool yourself. Don’t be fooled by your doctor. I encourage you to do your research and see what the detrimental effects hormonal contraception can be. Just in my practice recently I have seen:

  • A young girl (23 years old) who had a clot from the pill and nearly lost her life (actually there are four women who I have worked with recently who had this happen to them).
  • Women who started taking the pill and then developed Hashimotos within six months of taking it.
  • Women who have been on it for just five years and then have fertility problems.
  • Women who developed depression while using it.
  • Many relationships crumble because of the lack of libido within marriage.

So here’s the chance for you to take your fertility into your own hands. Why not consider a mother and daughter session where I educate both you and your daughter about your bodies. You as a mom can start this incredible journey of knowing yourself and give your daughter the kind of knowledge that will empower her for the rest of her life.

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