In an age where our grandparents are rather flabbergasted that the computers of today are these small devices that can be carried around in our hand bags, and work can be completed on the go. We talk to friends, family and colleagues over a video call at other end of the world, through our computer. We can see a 3D picture of your unborn child. Nothing seems impossible anymore and our advancements from our grandparent’s days as children seem rather incredible knowing that we never had all of this a mere 80 years ago.

But has technology really helped as much as we think it has? We are sitting with more breast cancer and cancer patients than we ever had before, diabetes is a leading disease and is effecting the youth of today quicker than they can get the video games out and play them. People, mothers and fathers have more stress of them than ever before, financial, emotional and physical. Yes as the pace gets faster we are expected to cope as our boss puts more pressure on us at work, kids want to see mom more often at home and life just starts running away. One minute it’s Monday at 07h00 then next its Sunday at 21h00 – where did the week go? Where did the month go? You have to be joking, we cannot already be in the last two weeks of July!
Yet in the technological world, where the touch of a button does everything, how is it possible that we as women don’t even know how to identify the natural rhythms of our body anymore. If you are one of the lucky ones that have managed to stay away from hormonal birth control (no mirena, no pill, no patch) have you managed to understand how and what your menstrual cycle is doing? Do you realise that that stabbing pain once a month that you get which lasts a couple of minutes to possibly hours is actually your body saying its getting ready to ovulate? In a world with so many advancements are you, as a mother, expecting the school system to explain the birds and the bees to your kids? And will hormonal contraception keep the rest “under control”?

In a world where everything has turned to medicine and technology we are currently sitting with more women suffering depression, PMS, IBS, mood swings and food cravings and the doctors – just give you a pill! Women do not understand their bodies anymore – they are completely dissociated from them. They are on hormonal contraception from as young as 12 years old and then they expect when they are adults to keep up with the rat race in life and then cannot understand why they have breast cancer at 40.

Women have been given the most amazing bodies – they tell you when to rest and if you don’t rest you will end up sick. They tell us when we can push harder and faster. They tell us everything but we don’t know how to listen anymore. Ignoring them won’t help as the problems get bigger, starting small at first and then bigger and bigger. If we take a couple of steps back and really learn about our body we women would be able to cope far better than we are currently doing so.