Ovulation is the key to a women’s cycle. It is during this phase that she want’s sex. But not only does she want you – men are attracted to the scent of a women and he wants her even more. Ovulation is also the time a women can fall pregnant – so if your goal is to not fall pregnant right now then you have to make sure you use some form of barrier method such as condoms or simply just get creative in bed. When we start having sex we often forget that there are so many fun ways of pleasing one another.

Women are super heroes before ovulation. The build-up of estrogen means that they can meet work deadlines, keep up their social engagements, while training for their next marathon, keep the house going and the list is endless, then can go, go, and go. But after ovulation women need time to recover from the previous 3 weeks and now they may just want to cuddle in bed, sleep in, not go out and just be in a calm space. Our body has been created in this way to prevent disease and to replenish before the next cycle. So guys be aware when time to rest occurs and be there for your women.

Menstruation is awesome! Yes men when women release the blood one a month it means their bodies are releasing toxins, it means that one part of their cycle is working like it should and that and that Menstruation Is Natural, Beautiful, and Powerful. It also means your women is healthy.