2018 has been full of babies for my practice. For so many women who have been struggling to fall pregnant, this has been their year of positive pregnancy tests and ecstatic phone calls.

But as happy as that has been, I have also supported several women through miscarriages. It’s that dreaded message or call I get at around eight weeks and one I hate because of the heartache I can feel from the woman who has lost her baby.

Miscarriage happens for many reasons – often ones you will never know. There are so many questions around it:

  • Did I cause it?
  • Why me?
  • Would it have been different if I had taken that prenatal vitamin sooner?
  • What if I hadn’t exercised so strenuously?

You need to know that, most of the time, there’s nothing a woman could have done differently to change the outcome of her pregnancy if she has a miscarriage. Know this.

So often you feel like the only woman who has experienced it. You’re not. You’re not alone.

You see, especially when you want a baby, you are much more conscious of your body. Being conscious means you feel everything, you are aware of everything and it means you are aware that your body has fallen pregnant.

One thing I teach woman is that your body knows best. Your body talks to you. Your body tells you its wants and its needs. So, when your body feels this baby is just not strong enough, it makes the choice for you. It shows you – you can fall pregnant, but that baby wasn’t right for you.

Often woman feel better knowing what they can do differently next time and this is my advice for future pregnancies:

  1. Turn off all wifi at home

Wifi is new – just like smoking was 50 years ago. What are the true health effects of this constant radiation around us? There are studies showing links between infertility and wifi. So here is my suggestion. If you work at an office with wifi, don’t have it at home. Keep work at work. If you do have wifi at home, make sure you turn it off at night. You can’t control your neighbour’s wifi, but you can control yours.

2. When driving turn off your phone

The radiation in your car is amplified when driving. Simply put, conductive surroundings act as concentrating reflectors, “like the cooking cavity of a microwave oven”. When inside a metal enclosure, Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) gets trapped in the conductive walls creating what is scientifically called a “Faraday Cage”. You can read more about this here.

3. Stay away from all GMO foods
All corn in South Africa is genetically modified. There are studies showing that genetically modified organisms (GMO) foods affect the development of fetus in utero. GM foods are particularly dangerous for pregnant moms and children. After GM soy was fed to female rats in a study, most of their babies died—compared to a death rate of 10% among those that were fed natural soy. Two GM-fed babies were smaller, and possibly infertile. (Irina Ermakova, “Experimental Evidence of GMO Hazards,” Presentation at Scientists for a GM Free Europe, EU Parliament, Brussels, June 12, 2007)

4. Make sure your prenatal vitamin has folate and not folic acid

Folic acid cannot be used in the body. Only folate. Make sure your prenatal vitamin only contains folate.

5. Don’t drink tap water

Tap water contains high levels of estrogen. In pregnancy it’s the hormone progesterone which is very important in maintaining a pregnancy. With all the hormonal contraception flying around our tap water, rather drink water that has been filtered (by systems that take it out) or use natural spring water.

Do you want to learn more and help your body for future pregnancy?

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