Since I started menstruating I was a sanitary pad kinda girl. I’d  heard about Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) at about 12 years old and this freaked me out – put simply TSS eats your insides out and there is no cure or at least wasn’t one back then. Tell any 12 year old girl about TSS and I doubt she will be running to buy her next box of tampons. Now, I can go on and on about the chemicals in our sanitary pads and how the Mooncup cup is environmentally friendly but here are:

Seven very real-world hands on reason that I have found to be an exceptional reason to change to the Mooncup

ONE: Once it’s in you don’t need to carry extra for the day. Yip its inside – its doing its job and you just carry on your day. No thoughts of – I forgot to buy my sanitary stash for the month and no need to rush off to the closest pharmacy, dischem or clicks.

TWO: You only need to change it every 8 hours. This one does depend on your flow but the Mooncup collects 30% more blood than tampons or pads – so you change it less during the course of the day

THREE: It doesn’t dry out your vagina. You know that awful feeling of taking a tampon out – yip none of that with a Mooncup.

FOUR: It doesn’t leak in your sleep. You can sleep the whole night through without a worry that your bed is going to be covered in blood the next morning.

FIVE: You feel sexy while menstruating. Being a pad user you always knew it was “that time of the month”, I never felt sexy, free and self-confident. Well with a Mooncup you feel sexy, alive, free, and self-confident and if you met a guy and happened to fool around you weren’t worried he’s going to feel the pad or the pull string.

SIX: You can carry on your life – sport is a breeze using the Mooncup. Your sporting activities just carry on – I personally have used my Mooncup while mountain biking, swimming, practicing bikram yoga and pole dancing the result – perfect success and I had not even realised I was menstruating.

SEVEN: No need for the sanitary pad/tampon draw anymore. The Mooncup can go anywhere your underwear draw, your cupboard – it’s so small, compact it can be stored anywhere.