UDo HPV Test


The UDoHPVTest™ allows ladies over the age of 29 to test themselves for Human Papilloma Virus or HPV; the same virus that can cause Cervical Cancer. This test, if proven negative, only needs to be done once every 2/5/10 years and not annually like a traditional Pap smear. This test along with the unique service offered by Udo is a world-wide new standard for Cervical Cancer screening.



How it works:

  1. Buy your test from Butterfly Wings
  2. Register here to have your test collected and processed
  3. UDo collects your test
  4. UDo sends the test to the lab and doctor
  5. Lab test costs are R500 and an invoice will be sent once the specimen arrives at the lab for testing
  6. Access your results online


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