Miss Ruby Period Panties Bulk Pack (Fun Prints)


Pack of 10: 2 heavy, 4 regular, 4 liner

Pack of 5: 1 heavy, 2 regular, 2 liner

Absorbency levels:

Liner: 10ml
Regular: 25ml
Heavy: 45ml

The “Fun” panty prints. These are custom made and dependent on material currently available. Once an order has been received we will WhatsApp you the available prints then we will make the ones you choose.



Girls we are so lucky! The products we have today are funky, comfortable and healthy – your mothers only wished they had products like these. If you have recently started your period these panties are for you. Why? You wake up in the morning and you see blood – now what? You go to your cupboard take your panties out. Put them on. Sorted.

No fuss,

No hassle

No hiding of pads or tampons

No worrying – will someone see the wings of my pads under my school dress

They are easy. Before you go to bed, take them off, rinse them, and throw them in the washing machine with your other dirty laundry.

That’s how easy they are.

The panties are made from stretchy cotton Lycra and the absorbent layers are made from microfiber and hemp fleece with a waterproof layer. These panties are soft and comfortable with a sturdy quality that leaves wearers with peace of mind – even on heavier days!

Care instructions:

Soak in cold water, rinse and then wash as normal

Fabric: soft and stretchy cotton lycra
Lining colour: black (no need to worry about stains)

Additional information


XS, S, M, L, XL


Bikini, Boy-leg

Bulk pack size

Pack of 5, Pack of 10


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