I am such a different practitioner to all the other doctors, homeopaths, fertility specialists, you name it. I bet you have been to see them. When a woman or a couple comes to me, I am usually their last resort. Along this frustrating journey no one has told you:

  • What is right with your body
  • What’s positive about your relationship
  • Why you can fall pregnant

This year alone I have helped many women fall pregnant. These women have been told for years that they couldn’t. Guess what – just a little love, just a few small life changes, just a little motivation and just the right person to be there to hold your hand is all you need.
I am a woman. I have struggled to fall pregnant. I know the obstacles you will have to jump over and I know the tears you will have shed.

Did you know that the reason you are not falling pregnant could be:

  • The constant exposure to radiation – have you looked at ways of reducing your radiation exposure?
  • The connection between you and your husband is dwindling as this longing for a baby becomes a distant dream that you just can’t get.
  • The chemicals in your body are in overload – the fact that you are still standing is actually quite surprising.
  • You want a baby but something deep down is in conflict and you just can’t get over it.

When you want to fall pregnant my goal, and the first step in our journey together, is to teach you how to love your period, because once you can do that, the rest is easy.