So as it’s happened to everyone currently living in SA….we all know about it and we have all experienced it. But maybe, just maybe Eskom is onto something. In today’s fast paced, high stressed world we try to cram more into 24hours than is humanly possible.

Whenever you have completed your one to-do list your next one has already been created. So we are living under huge stress and never feeling like we ever find ourselves.

So, Eskom has given us the gift of Turning off! Yes turning off that laptop, that cell phone, that television, the man made light to STOP, and just be.

So everyone may be rolling their eyes at me but for the first time in ages when I got home to no electricity my husband, my 5month old baby and I just went and lay on our bed. Just lay, closed our eyes and just got lost in our worlds while being connected together so peacefully. That would never have happened if we had electricity.

It made me think how awesome is the calming effect of candlelight, the peacefulness of a family lying together on a bed and the time to just connect with our body, our thoughts and us.

So maybe Eskom has our health in mind and this load shedding is indeed forced time outs. Time out to stop. At least we all have an excuse why we never replied to that e-mail, did your school assignment, complete your work because of load shedding.

So next time you are load shed take the time to just be!