Aren’t humans strange? It’s only when a traumatic event happens to someone close to us that the same threats become a reality to us, and we start to question our own choices.

I have a friend who suffered an ectopic pregnancy three weeks ago. She wasn’t planning on falling pregnant. She has two kids and is getting married at the end of the year. She was using an effective method of birth control – a copper T.  The scary thing is that her sister ended up falling pregnant while she was using a copper T too. Luckily for her sister, the pregnancy was healthy.

So here’s a controversial question: what kind of risk are you prepared to take for the pleasure of sex when you want it?

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Is it a life-threatening experience like an ectopic pregnancy? Is it the risk of a stroke or losing your eye sight (yes I have had a client who nearly lost her eye sight after having the mirena inserted)? Or is it a marriage crumbling because you have no sex drive? These are all side effects of various methods of birth control.

What worries me, as a natural fertility practitioner, is that so many women put their complete trust and faith into these medical devices that are supposed to let us “plan” our lives – when we have kids and when we don’t. We believe the doctors and the gynaes when they tell us that these medical devices are safe. But what are the true side effects?

The reality is that every single method of birth control has its risks – some just worse than others. There are some that will kill you, some that will kill your dream of a future with kids, and others that will kill the proper functioning of your body and your lease on life. Is this worth sex when you want it?

Maybe for some women it is but for me it isn’t. So, I ask you to do yourself a favour and just make sure you are completely aware of the risks associated with your method of birth control – and know that they could happen to you.

If you are looking for something with fewer risks to your health and your relationship, maybe it’s time to look at the Justisse Method of Fertility Awareness.