About Butterfly Wings


Butterfly Wings was started by Claudia Slattery who is the only trained Justisse Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner in Africa. She specialises in women’s reproductive health, providing natural and effective birth control options for women and couples all the way to helping couples prepare for a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Women’s reproductive health is often not talked about and it is Claudia’s mission to make menstruation a healthy topic between friends, mothers and daughters

Why ‘Butterfly Wings’?

reproductive health about butterfly wings I wanted a brand that characterised my aims, goals and intentions, and that women could relate to.

While studying the physiology section of my course work I realised that the pituitary gland is the shape of a butterfly. This gland is responsible for synthesising and secreting a number of hormones, and especially those that are involved in the process of the menstrual cycle. This got me thinking: a butterfly is beautiful, but a butterfly is the end result of the life of a caterpillar. The journey of a butterfly starts as an egg, which hatches and a caterpillar comes out. After a period of two to three weeks of continual eating, the caterpillar becomes a chrysalis before turning into a butterfly. This process of change from a squirmy caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly with wings and the freedom to fly where it wants to seemed the perfect metaphor for the journey my clients take.

The name Butterfly Wings stayed with me because women go through a similar process: from a little girl, through the awkward phase of puberty to develop into a beautiful young woman. By giving them an education, knowledge and power, we give these girls and women the opportunity to fly, without limits.